Stephane Leblon

Stephane is a French digital and film portrait photographer, yet Stephane’s personal projects besides his portrait work take him on a creative and conceptual photographic journey, that can tell a narrative story, or depict an artistic concept communicating visually his ideas.

Stephane’s love for long exposure photography is based on how to defy time, as it is exclusively time related to change reality and show a unique vision of the world. To capture what can’t be seen but only imagined and to create abstract images of various locations with movement in the scene is such an exciting moment for him. Long exposure photography can also tell a story, it usually is the passing of time and its effect on clouds, water, or any other moving subjects, which captures a period of time instead of a moment. With adding fixed elements to the scene, the story can be more interesting as some elements will be affected by time while others won’t.

Stephane’s fine art long exposure is captured essentially on various black and white film stocks with neutral density filters, a medium format camera and Nikon 35mm cameras to create timeless images of time.

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