Bandah Ali

Bandah Ali, a self-taught artist worked in all mediums, and currently  working on a series called ‘Colors of Life,’ featuring Thari women.” As to the dances, it’s not just the colorfulness of their costumes, and the way they sway and flutter as the girls dance, but the litheness and delicacy of the dancers that come through in his work and hold one’s attention. And there’s the desert sand that is stirred by the dancing feet – tastefully coloured and stylized by Bandah Ali. Plus their many, many bangles and their silver jewelry. Also, some of their hand and arm movements are not unlike those of a trained classical kathak dancer. For many reasons, it’s very difficult to choose between these pictures.

“I started doodling at the age of 9, and from the beginning, I have focused on drawing our culture, portraits, landscapes and all life around me. My main focus is Thari women and Sindhi cultural life, showing the moods and facial expressions of these women, particularly while they dance. The Rajasthani outfits of Thari women have always fascinated me, while their happy moments, smiles and colorfulness give me joy”