Hassan Sheikh


During my early years experimenting in the field, I realized that to most South Asians, miniature is only an ancient artistic expression used during the pre-colonial times. Thus, I began my art practice by exploring ways to develop the expression such that it becomes relevant in today’s context. Through this exploratory journey, my body of work has evolved into a portfolio of playful compositions, merging mediums such as photography and digital collage with traditional miniature paintings done on wasli paper, which I create myself. By portraying ancient figures in traditional miniature technique and modern settings using modern mediums, my compositions comment on or create a dialogue on the identity crisis faced by South Asian communities whilst subtly blaming the region’s colonial past for the said issue. Most of my works include a figure from the South Asian history either appreciating a western figure or holding high, an element from the western culture. In some of my works, I have also compared the region’s deteriorating present with the glorious yesteryears by juxtaposing historical local figures onto current environments