Mahnoor Asad (b.1994) graduated with a BFA (distinction) from the prestigious National College of Arts, Rawalpindi (2016). She has majored in painting and has participated in prestigious group exhibitions. Along with showcasing her works she has co-curated a show for ILF in collaboration with Satrang Gallery.

.”Like an endless rollercoaster ride I see mists rolling across grassy plains blooming with flowers. Twinkling stars falling one by one towards Earth, like moths getting to close to a flame, on a backdrop of shattering, burning celestial entities. Am I dreaming or am I awake? Lost in a world between reality and what is pretty much my own private amazement park, I go on a convoluted journey that leaves me amidst unexpected and unexplored places. Places that are not always glittering, beautiful meadows, which within a blink of an eye can shift to scenes of Armageddon with burning fires raging all around me. But these scenes follow me into the land of the living and like everyone else I find myself maneuvering around a minefield known as ‘life”. 

Mahnoor A-rt