Omair Kamran Mirza

Omair is an Islamabad based artist specializing in oil paintings and mixed media. He graduated in fine arts from National College of Arts in 2017. Omair is currently working with Nishat Linen as a designer, alongside he is taking his art practice to the next level by discovering new forms of oils as it goes through the technique comprised of knifes. He seeks to express his emotions through his art work, which varies every time on the state of mind while painting.

Omair has shown his works in several galleries in Pakistan after his graduation and plans to keep on practicing his art work and making new discoveries in the field.

“Fascination with dreams began ever since I started dreaming, remembering it for a short lapse of time and then forgetting it later, sometimes all of it, while fragments of it at times. Intrigued, he sought to capture the mystical world of dreams through his pen and it took him years to realize that dream indeed nothing but a fragment of a mind. They are abstract in the finest form possible.
My consists of some of his dreams he reckons might be accessible for many people anywise. To educe a dream and putting it up on the canvas expeditiously with knife and oil paint so it does not coalesce the adornment of it with fabrication. It is intrinsically the transfer of an abstract fragment of mind onto the palpable mold of a canvas.” Omair Kamran