Bianca De Maio

‘Although I have always considered myself as a painter, my artistic practice is based on experimentation in multiple fields and on the combination of different techniques. This is one of the reasons why the materials has always had a strong influence on my language. I always have had an intimate relationship with the beginnings which are able to give me a sense of accomplishment. My work in general is based on an empathy for the natural world, and, whatever technique I use, I could tell that what I do in my practice is basically an interpretation of reflections about the life around me. I have an innate attitude to realism, so it is important for me to start from the observation and study of models from life, but, on the other hand, I basically try to combine what is real and what is instead only at an imaginary stage. I could say that there are two types of energy which play in my work: one that is stable, design and crystallized, and one that is flexible and soft, or rather a transfiguration of reality which is based on a mental or physical state, and which alters the perception of what is observed. I believe that one of the fundamental aspects for me is to create objects that have a powerful expressiveness in them. The investigation into the communicative ability of the artistic object has perhaps always been my first concern, beyond the aesthetic results.’

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