Jahanzaib Akmal

Art today, is different from what it used to be. With an abundance of mediums, ranging from installations to projections and more, I believe that this era is all about appropriation. Since so much has already been done, it now depends on how you differentiate it or add a spin to make your art personal.
Growing up, I was intensely impacted and inspired by many video games from the 80’s. Something about the aesthetics always appealed to me.
A mixture of games and miniature paintings is how I understand a contemporary visual language and juxtapose it with the visual language of yesteryears.
Combining my love for history, games, and art, I came up with a refreshed concept of revisiting the 8-bit games and the Mughal Emperors for our recent generations to relate to. I believe art lies in details. I have always been intrigued by detailed work over the years and would often get inspired and incorporate more details in my own paintings. I feel they added character to my vision and helped me paint a better picture or extension of my imagination. This exercise of improving my observation and broadening my perspective, got me passionate about miniature art and helped shape up my work.

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