Noor Ul Ain Nasir Khan


Noor ul Ain born on 26 December 1996 in Hyderabad Sindh. Since her childhood, she was very fond of doing drawing, painting, and create something new and different from paper, cotton, and other different material. She always passionate about to be an artist due to this obsession she took admission in Fine arts at SABSU (Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Somroo University). She chooses painting as my major in fine arts, her final thesis is based on my short-sightedness and paint nature in blur form through geometrically shaped stamps which gives the impression of pointillism. Her passion for arts never ends but increases day by day.

   “Colors are the basic element of our life, everywhere we see in nature it shows a variety of colors which makes harmony. Depiction of vivid, dusty, and pastel colors in my artwork represents nature in its full swing. Harmony is the core spirit of my paintings. I paint nature by stamping of geometrical shapes, the various geometrical shaped stamps like circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star and hexagon shapes. I symbolize dots in terms of divisionism. As I am short-sighted I see everything around me scattered and blur like an image of painting depicted in pointillism”. Noor