In a small town, near Thar desert, two brothers played cricket in scorching heat. Dry desert wind made their quest for excelling in the gentlemen’s game quite arduous, nevertheless both never knew how to quit, ploughing on, one keep bowling faster and faster and other keep batting, getting better with each stroke. Knowing very well that this effort or having extraordinary zeal perhaps will never result in their passion becoming a test cricketer a reality.

The question is what that has to do with this place or with anything really.

Art is not an easy path for anyone. Initial days of any artist (similar to those boys in the desert) are extraordinarily tough and lots of talented souls lose heart, and sometimes soul, while attempting to be recognised and cherished in the labyrinth of myriad social media outlets, galleries, exhibitions, shows, agents, consultants and collectors.

…that is where we come in:

Our aim is to represent, project, amplify, adorn and downright worship unrecognised brilliant virtuosos and show their work to the whole world until they are a well recognised name in the art circles and one day perhaps become a household name or pride of a nation.

While we are a business (a socio economic one, still)…

Artists’ best interests are in our hearts. Our deeds and this marvellous place is a testament to that.

What of those boys you say, well that story is still developing and soon you will know how successful they have become after bowling their hundredth yorker or hitting their thousandth boundary….