John Lyons

John is a photographer specialising in live music, live jazz and portrait photography. He lives in Durham in the Northeast of England but do much of his work in and around London. Over the last few years, he has taken photographs of some wonderful musicians at venues in London and New York.

His photography conveys the passion and feeling behind the music rather than just a straight capture of the event or gig. A great music photographer needs to be in love with the music and able to anticipate and capture the expressive moments – capturing performers ‘in the moment’. Many of his images are captured in small clubs where he aims to convey the intimacy and connection with the audience that comes with that environment.

Earlier this year, John won the prestigious Live Music Photography Award in the Abbey Road Music Photography Awards, with a photograph of jazz drummer David Mrakpor, taken at the 606 Club in Chelsea.

His influences include the famous jazz photographer Jean-Pierre Leloir, but also artists as diverse as Yousuf Karsh, Pennie Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

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