Tehmina Arif


Tehmina is a Contemporary Pakistani artist, adept in acrylics, oils, and mix mediums. Her passion and attitude reflect through her artistic hand. Rise from the corner of her house while drawing from childhood has been her pastime.
Graduated in fine arts, from Post Graduate college Satellite Town. Very Fervent artist, currently working in a corporate setting.

“My work mostly reflects my real-life events. Depicted through versatile mediums and expressions. I am driven more by nature. Trees, clouds, rains, the sun shines in scorching summer and cold wind in cold winters. I always wanted to hold fog in my hands and put it on my canvas. I am a soul, still seeking to explore new avenues of my talent. Music entranced me and I felt a strong bond with poetry and saints.
I believe as Rumi said “The wound is the place where the light enters you” 

Tehmina’s A-rt