Yamna Ghayoor was born in Hyderabad. She chose to draw drawings on walls and in drawing copies. As she grew up, she selected Fine Arts as professional career. She graduated from Shaheed Allah Baksh Soomro University of Art, Design, and Heritages, Jamshoro.

Throughout her life nature inspired her very much and she also likes to paint landscapes when she was a child. The most important was the Miniature painting technique that had a specific style and method to paint. Stylized figures and Landscapes in Miniature painting compelled her to choose it for professional career. With the traditional method, she combined contemporary themes and subjects to convey her inner soul.

“The concept of my painting is to show the dependency of each other. We depend on each other for our survival, fulfilling our needs.  No one can fulfill their needs and requirement alone. Everyone needs the assistance of others.   We have to value the base of anything. We depend on the base” Yamna Shaikh.