Sajid Ali

Sajid Ali is a visual artist from Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan, graduated from NCA and MA- ADS  from Beacon house Lahore. He has participated in several exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad.

Miniature, Calligraphy, acrylic, and oil paintings Drawing Sculpture (work experience with different mediums and different material).
Profound and sumptuous amount of visual vocabulary.
Thorough Imagination.
Profound Aesthetic Values and creative zeal.
Well read in the Technical and literary Aspects of “Arts and Communication

“Basically, my idea is about picking daily life common objects and
extending or exploring them to visible in my works.
As Tiny marks clustered on big surfaces look like a vast field filled with
growths of numerous kinds of objects.
However, the work moves from the physical to the ephemeral,
invoking a sense of spiritual experience.”The idea is from pure contour drawing exercise, my all the work through this exercise. when I made a composition, there is the repetition of drawings and overlapping also .so many times where the visual change his identity and made another visual which takes so many shapes like
landscape, mountain, and clouds also”.

Sajid’s A-rt