Faten Suleman


“We should consider memory itself an art form, where the work of art is never finished, only abandoned.”
-John Koenig.
  My recent art pieces are a visual journal of my memories that have affected or changed me, thus all of my work carries a part of me until recently when I realized how we think life has been drafted in indelible ink and feel we cant go back to obliterate the past, tweak our errors or fill in the lost opportunities. When the moment ends our fate is sealed, but if we look closely we realize that the ink never really dries.

Think of the past in a way that is not only nostalgia and regret. The questioning that encircle our past experiences allow us to analyze and accept them in a new light. As our mind evolves, with each hindsight we see these experiences from different perspective allowing them to morph and form a new meaning whilst remaining consistent on its origin. By doing so we can look fairly at a hurtful experience and are able to call it by its name or make what felt like the end of the world look like a natural part of life.