Eman Fatima

My work is based on the idea of free Association, I am exploring the idea through writings and drawings. What fascinates me is the movement and energy during the working process; my thesis display focused on the distorted public and private spaces. Gradually I created my own visual representation of freedom of speech using found available spaces and materials. I started using shutter references as a base to evolve my idea. The shutter separates the public and private, it itself is a public canvas on which people express their thoughts and a means to send messages. To separate the public and private I am using shutter as a metaphorical base to express my thoughts freely and to create distortion for the viewer.Just like thoughts, ideas are spontaneous and unfiltered. In my I used sticker also As children we are more spontaneous and freely express our views and the stickers brings a sense of nostalgia and represents a sense of joy, which I experienced and felt as I recalled while I was in the moment of creating.Given the current situation, where we are living in a lockdown again and again my latest works give the viewers a glimpse of my private thoughts as a person living in lockdown with the hope to go outside. SEEING LOCKDOWN EVERWHERE AND BEING IN ISOLATION I CONTINUE START THROUGHING MY THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES ON MY CANVAS with images and writings.

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