Hadiqa Shaikh


Hadiqa Shaikh is Hyderabad Sindh-born talented artist  Since childhood, she has been watching her father creating designs and building planning as her father is an architect and a civil engineer. Her interest developed towards Art more than architecture. She chose to draw drawings on walls and in drawing copies. As She grew up she selected Fine Arts as her professional career. In 2017 she got admission in CEAD currently known as Shaheed Allah Baksh Soomro University of Art, Design, and Heritages, Jamshoro. There in CEAD I was acquainted with high skills and the use of various materials and mediums for painting. The most important was the Miniature painting technique that had a specific style and method to paint. Stylized figures and Landscapes in Miniature painting compelled her to choose it for a professional career. With the traditional method, she combined contemporary themes and subjects to convey my inner soul.

“A new individual identity is my concern that is formed by a breakup of any existing Object. In my opinion, a partition or division may give birth to a new reality. Through my paintings, I have symbolized various objects to depict partition with a meaning of change. Though Partition of the subcontinent is a high source of influence to me however in my work I have chosen other symbols to show inside and outside of the theme”.