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Art is not an easy path for anyone. Initial days of any artist are extraordinarily tough and lots of talented souls lose heart, and sometimes soul, while attempting to be recognised and cherished in the labyrinth of myriad social media outlets, galleries, exhibitions, shows, agents, consultants and collectors.

…that is where we come in:

Our aim is to represent, project, amplify, adorn and downright worship unrecognised brilliant virtuosos and show their work to the whole world until they are a well recognised name in the art circles and one day perhaps become a household name or pride of a nation.

While we are a business (a socio economic one, still)…

Artists’ best interests are in our hearts. Our deeds and this marvelous place are a testament to that.

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Maham Siddiqui

The major focus of her art practice is ‘The facts remain the same while time runs out’. For Maham a written text must be considered a factual document and its validity or accuracy does not hamper its authority

Areej Nasir

Today, we live in a creative world where everything and everyone is busy on its own, making its own mark. My work is based on creating, finding, and making a mark that can be my own identity, challenging my limits and exploring it freely and boldly. Nature has always been a great inspiration for me. For this purpose, I work in mix medium.

Amjad Ali Talpur

“My work deals with the formal issues of making possible views of the visuals. I enjoy the process of the work, randomness, playfulness, and humor in my practice. This leads me to comment on the current situation of the society.”

Khurram Abbas

In his work page of notebook is constantly repeated in every painting which is a symbol he uses as a symbol to represent himself. As a child’s mind is clear and clean as a blank paper so u can write anything good and bad it’s up to you and me how we use it and same is with the child mind. Society makes marks on their mind, and you cannot escape it you have to fight it every time and through painting i somehow managed and of course it’s my therapy I heal myself through.

Bandah Ali

“Colours of Life,’ featuring Thari women.” As to the dances, it’s not just the colourfulness of their costumes, and the way they sway and flutter as the girls dance, but the litheness and delicacy of the dancers that come through in his work and hold one’s attention. And there’s the desert sand that is stirred by the dancing feet – tastefully coloured and stylised by Bandah Ali. Plus their many, many bangles and their silver jewellery.

Asif Ahmed

Miniature art itself is the subject of discussion in my work. Making of detail drawings and miniatures take a view of the historical period in the present time. Historical symbolism and figures has been a central theme of my surfaces and connection between the images are as a means to question about the position of traditional art and iconography.