Toqeer Hilbi

Toqeer Hilbi ( born in Khaplu, Baltistan ) is a visual artist. who currently lives and works in islamabad, Graduate from Nation College of Art, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He earned his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts ( Miniature Painting ) in 2020. He works in various mediums Drawing, Sculpture, Painting and story illustration. Hilbi’s work revolves around the folklores of the inhabitants of Baltistan.

This piece of work, “Yaks in Myths and Mythos” revolves around the folk lore of the inhabitants of Baltistan.
Artist tried to revive the Balti Script and folklores that were dying with the passage of time. These folklores Include tales long before our forefathers were born. These have been painted in the line of  miniature painting.

Hilbi A-rt