Shaheera Mughal


Residing and working as a visual artist based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Shaheera Mughal acquired her BFA degree in printmaking from National College of Arts, Rawalpindi. Since graduating she has been exhibiting in group shows both nationally and internationally. Her work tends to combine various elements to create something which appears surreal and fantastical and at times even ethereal, but in fact contains subtle undercurrents of struggle and strife. Blessed with an insatiably curious mind, she draws her inspiration from a broad spectrum which ranges from stories, myths and legends to nature and reality.

“As a child, I grew up next to the sea in an area which was pretty much surrounded by the dessert. To keep myself entertained I developed a habit of reading books which essentially turned out to be a source of escape from daily life. Since then, I’ve always loved reading books and they are constantly feeding my vivacious imagination. All those stories led me to view the world and the people living in it in a new way. Every day became a new chapter in a story that was slowly being compiled inside my mind. Trying to find an outlet to these budding stories always ended up with me creating visuals in various mixed media”. Sheehera Mughal 

Sheehera’s Art