Khurram Abbas

Artist Biography:

Syed Khurram Abbas born and raised in a small village of Kurram Agency. Done my BA fine arts from Nca Rawalpindi. Recently graduated from Nca. My work is narration of what i have been through when i was a child. A war trauma which is growing with me like a night mare. So my art work is actually an attempt to get out of this thing.

Artist Statement:

In his work page of note book is constantly repeated in every painting which is a symbol he use as a symbol to represent himself. As a child’s mind is clear and clean as a blank paper so u can write anything  good and bad its up to you and me how we use it and same is with the child mind. Society make marks on their mind and u cannot escape it you have to fight it every time and through painting i somehow managed and of course it’s my therapy I heal myself through.