Sanabil Hassan

I am a graduate of Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, with a Major in Sculpture. After completing my Bachelors degree I started working as an illustrator and animator. I have worked with a number of animated content creators including Gogi Studios, Mano Productions and Puffball Studios; the collective experience has helped me in understanding and creating visuals.

“My work is highly inspired by the romanticism and symbolism of the baroque period. Since I was a child I was obsessed with humans; the human figure but most importantly when that particular subject is propelled in a realm of fables and stories. My childhood memories are filled with stories my Grandfather told. About humans, Jins, Prophets.
I would visualise them even then….Each of my work carries those memories but also symbolism. All of them are projections of my thoughts and memories.My work focuses on the existence of both good and evil within us all. in our every action and thought there is a struggle between those two sides”. Sanabill Hassan