Rohma Anwaar

Rohma is a Pakistani artist born in the year 1993. She graduated from NCA in January 2017 with a major in Printmaking. Her passion is reflected from her work on social outcasts and differently-abled people. She manipulates her own portraits to create to create awareness through different mediums.

She explores various aspects such as photography, screen printing, sculpting and much more. Alongside she has worked as an art director for Bling Studios. She has vast experience in teaching arts, production and design

“The beauty of life is the uncertainty it carries. You can never be sure of it and it can’t be controlled. I am alive and loaded with questions to which there are no answers therefore, I imagine. some of it transcends into dreams with different meanings. one moment you can see yourself dying and it all vanishes as you wake up.. this is the beauty of our dreams because it answers our questions. my work is about his dreams of me, the way he perceives me, the way he imagines me and the way I respond to it.

Rohma Anwar