Noor Fatima

Noor is a Pakistani artist born in year 1994. She graduated from National College of Arts in 2017. She is highly qualified in the field of fine arts and specializes in painting and sculpture. After graduation Noor worked on freelance projects for Lok Virsa Museum, Bahria Town and Hashoo foundation. After exploring her skills in the field of manual arts Noor started working as an asst. curator at Satrang Gallery, Serena Hotels at the end of 2017 till 2018. 

 “The idea of absence and loneliness even when surrounded by throngs of people. No matter how crowded a place may be, an individual can still feel hopelessly alone, and I lack a sense of belonging. The loneliness gets unbearable and we make so many efforts to fill this void but these efforts last only a spell, this general discontent, detachment, and longing for things, people and places that reside within the layers of the one’s mind and memory are what I seek to convey in my work. Through my work, I seek to create an immersive and sensory experience, communicating my own thoughts and experience to the viewers”     Noor Fatima