Ali Asghar

“My technique, though traditional, narrates a slightly unconventional idea. I mostly work with large-scale miniature Paintings which reveal a dialogue between man and his creator. I try to aptly juxtapose conflict and harmony within my compositions, where I use a certain set of colors that depict serene figures while serving as the backdrop for different elements and backgrounds that I have developed. I try to pursue the unconventional questions and remonstrance against universe and the creator.
Moreover Explorations and experimentations with different materials have always been one of my favorite sectors working on. Therefore sometimes my works are produced with the perception of creating new surfaces too in relevance to the required circumstance and idea, however, on parallel, I also work on the conventional and unconventional treatment of certainly produced surfaces too in regard to how possibly can it be worked on and how can it be explored and developed in regards with the idea which obviously dominates”

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