Muneeba Saeed


Muneeba Saeed was born on July of 1994 in Islamabad. Growing up she always felt an inclination towards art and as the years progressed she transformed into the self-taught emerging artist that she is today. She studied International Culinary arts from the College of Tourism and Hotel Management Islamabad and graduated in February of 2017. She then focused more on her love for art and began experimenting with Acrylic paints, bringing many scenes to life in her own unique perception of the subjects and landscapes she painted. Her approach towards art is simple – to get her feelings on the canvas and create paintings that instill a sense of tranquility in the viewer. She is working on launching her food business these days all the while continuing her never ending art journey and looking forward to trying new mediums to create works of art that resonate with the viewer.

“Art for me is the sensation of all those places I cannot visit, the things I can no longer touch, the moments I once took for granted and now hold very dear to myself.
Witnessing the Aurora Borealis and recreating it on canvas takes me to where the sky puts on the grandest show on Earth and while that is high, mighty and magnificent, I also somehow get lost in the littlest details of everyday life, like plain helium filled balloons and the joy they bring to kids around.
Taking inspiration from the simpler things in life, the city lights to the wonders of the mountains and the deepest oceans I know I will always be filled with the desire to create my version of everything I have seen or wish to see”.

Mubeeba Saeed