Wajeeha Shaikh

Wajeeha Shaikh born in Hyderabad. She is a fresh graduate of Shaheed Ahhah Buksh Soomro University of Art, Design, and Heritages Jamshoro formerly known as CEAD. Miniature painting was her major during academics. Belonging to a family that ethnically includes and supports the academic system and education with values of our modern education it was her choice to choose Fine Arts as my field. During academics, she found that traditional Miniature painting is the identity of this land, and her interest inclined towards the technique of Miniature. For this purpose, she combined traditional techniques with contemporary subjects with passion and her learning.

“By the time how things change is the theme of my work. The daily consumable objects that our ancestors used are replaced by new modern accessories and equipment. Though the old things that our ancestors used are still precious to us the new materials are much more useful and easy to care.  I have combined both the past and present in a single visual to represent the value of time”. Wajeeha Shaikh